Azure Space is our fuss-free cloud solution where you can securely manage your accounting, record keeping, & compliance needs in the one place.

Well beyond just a client zone, Azure Space allows you to maintain your company corporate files, keep a record of your compliance affairs and also work in a real-time environment with the Azure Group team.

Azure Space revolutionises how you interact with us and enables a collaborative and virtual environment for us to work together on a day-to-day basis.

Outside of a virtual desktop offering Azure Space offers a secure zone to upload and share documents (in a similar way to Dropbox) and will also:

  • Provide access to whatever cloud accounting software you have chosen to use in your business
  • Interact through our virtual chat room with the Azure Group team
  • Create documents in the cloud and share in real time with the Azure Group team
  • Digitally sign your monthly IAS, quarterly BAS, annual compliance and corporate governance documents
  • PDF, Save and transfer documents as necessary

Azure Group continue to champion the virtual world of accounting and offer Azure Space as another way of streamlining how we engage and work with our clients.

To understand “Azure Space” more contact our team today.