Welcome our Employee Share Scheme Founder Education Series. We are committed to publishing a series of short, accessible and practical articles designed to demystify the topic and educate the Australian technology/entrepreneurial sector on this powerful tool for businesses to attract, retain and motivate key staff.

Employee Share Scheme standard documents released by ATO

Posted by on July 01, 2015 under Employee Share Schemes

The Government’s Growing Jobs and Small Business package is about supporting innovation and creating the right conditions for Australian entrepreneurs. The changes to ESS will allow innovative Australian firms to attract and retain high quality employees in a globally competitive labour market. Thes…

Are options for employees now an option?

Posted by Rachel White on April 13, 2015 under Employee Share Schemes

What is an option? It’s a right to purchase shares at a pre-agreed price, at a future time based on future events, such as the passing of time, certain KPI’s being met, or an exit event. This is the mechanism used in much of the rest of the world to grant company ownership to staff in startups.

Employee share schemes – what’s the difference between capital gains tax and ESS rules?

Posted by Jack Qi on March 11, 2015 under Employee Share Schemes

Whilst much attention is focused on the ESS tax rules, our feedback from talking to the community suggests there is some confusion as to how these rules work in conjunction with the “other” tax that can apply to ESS – Capital Gains Tax. The purpose of this article is to remind entrepreneurs that the…

Doing our bit to improve the tax treatment of employee share schemes

Posted by Azure Group on February 09, 2015 under Employee Share Schemes

Startups! We're behind you. We are excited about the proposed changes to the tax treatment of employee share schemes and we'd like to see a few tweaks before this becomes a permanent reality. Submitting our feedback to the government is the first step.

Draft law released on Employee Share Scheme changes

Posted by Jack Qi on January 16, 2015 under Employee Share Schemes

The Federal government released on Wednesday 14th January the draft legislation to fix Australia’s much-criticised rules around the taxation of Employee Share Schemes. This is the follow up to the announcement made in October 2014 as part of the government’s Industry Innovation and Competitiveness A…