Azure Group has been a member of NSW Business Chamber for over 10 years. We have experienced great value from being part of a professional community that is at the forefront of small to medium sized businesses in Australia.

NSW Business Chamber - Azure Group's Accountant How-To

We are now a growing and prosperous firm and our first clients came from the NSW Business Chamber community.  As we are a chartered accounting firm servicing this very market, we were delighted to accept the offer to contribute to the Chamber’s ‘Ask Us How’ online resource. 

One of the core values of Azure Group is one of knowledge sharing and empowering our clients and business owners across Australia to make informed decisions about their financials. ‘Ask Us How’ is a highly valuable tool for business owners and we certainly hope members have found Azure Group’s accounting and finance articles useful for their business. Previously these articles were for members only, however we are now able to publish them on our website for the Azure Group community to benefit from.

For more information on the NSW Business Chamber please visit their website. 

Ask Us How: Winning Partnerships

Ask Us How: Why it might be time to engage a CFO

Ask Us How: The Importance of Transparency in your Business

Ask Us How: Tax Planning

Ask Us How: Sustainability in Business

Ask Us How: Succession Planning

Ask Us How: Strategy Implementation

Ask Us How: How to Develop Seriously Good Budgets

Ask Us How: Selling Your Business

Ask Us How: A Guide to Help Ride Out Rough Times

Ask Us How: Outsourcing Key Business Functions

Ask Us How: Optimising Working Capital

Ask Us How: New Technology in Small Business

Ask Us How: Managing Debt

Ask Us How: Key Performance Indicators

Ask Us How: Insuring Your Business

Ask Us How: Incentivising Staff

Ask Us How: How your Board can contribute to the productivity of staff and the organisation

Ask Us How: How to protect and secure your business with insurance

Ask Us How: How to create financial benefits with a mobile workforce

Ask Us How: Fringe Benefits Tax

Ask Us How: Forecasting

Ask Us How: Executives and Board Meetings

Ask Us How: Entrepreneurs

Ask Us How: Encouraging Initiative and Smart Ideas

Ask Us How: Driving Positive Results

Ask Us How: Corporate Governance

Ask Us How: Coping with Staff Turnover

Ask Us How: What it Means to Have a Clean Balance Sheet

Ask Us How: Cash Flow Management

Ask Us How: Business Start Up

Ask Us How: Business Spending

Ask Us How: Business Planning

Ask Us How: Angel Investors

Ask Us How: Analysing Business Financials

Ask Us How: Acquisition and Expansion of Your Business

Ask Us How: Achieving Organisation Objectives

Ask Us How: The 7 Ingredients to Financial Success

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