Starting a business in China is difficult and requires local experience in order to establish operations properly and successfully. Our Shanghai office has a depth of experience in assisting businesses with their set-up of business in China.

We have helped numerous organisations plan their business entry into China and establish a strong business foundation and effective operations, whilst removing uncertainty and lessen the risk of doing business in China. Azure Group’s comprehensive service offering means that we will diligently follow through to ensure your business in China meets all compliance requirements.

We can assist you with structuring your business, registering your business through the relevant Chinese government bodies and aid you with setting up a bank account in China.

How we help

Our local financial and regulatory experts can help setup the following aspects of incorporation in China:

  • China setup consulting services
  • Advice on the relevant structure for your business needs
  • Preparation of documentation, reports and forms in accordance with Chinese regulations
  • Entity name pre-approval service
  • Filing setup application with relevant government bodies
  • Registration of business license, organization code, tax and foreign exchange
  • Set up bank account with selective financial institutions
  • Capital verification
  • Business license renewal
  • CIQ registration
  • Financial registration
  • Statistic registration