Here is a snapshot of the most frequently asked questions.

What services do you provide?

We provide asset management services through Separately Managed Accounts.

What are your fees?

The fee's for SMA's are a flat 1%

How are you compensated and when do you get paid?

We charge a management fee based upon a percentage of the value of the assets we manage.

The fee is an annual percentage fee, and is calculated daily and paid monthly by taking the value of the managed assets at the beginning of each day and applying one-sixty fifth of that annual percentage fee.

We do not receive commissions on transactions and we accept no other forms of compensation from investment product providers or financial institutions.

What happens to the custody of my accounts?

We do not have legal custody of our clients’ accounts.

We uses HUB24 Custodial Services Ltd ABN 94 073 633 664 as our custodian and operate pursuant to an investment advisory contract that provides us with the limited power to trade our clients’ accounts, receive duplicate statements, invoice client accounts for our fees, and make cash distributions directly to our clients at their request.

We have no ability to access your cash, and we think this is an important attribute of Invest.

Am I locked in? Are there termination penalties?

There are no barriers to exit a relationship.

The relationship is terminable on written notice at any time. There are no forced liquidations, termination fees, back-end loads, redemption fees or other charges associated with the termination of an advisory relationship with our firm.