Our extensive and experienced team of Corporate Advisors, Virtual CFO’s and Tax Consultants are highly skilled in the demanding needs of complex mergers & acquisitions.

A merger, acquisition or the sale of assets can be a complex undertaking. Azure Group has helped many businesses manage this process with successful outcomes.

How we help

We are able to utilse our extensive knowledge bank and team of Corporate Advisors, Virtual CFO’s and Tax Consultants who are highly skilled in the demanding needs of complex transactions. They can assist with:

Business Valuations

Our experienced advisors can perform business valuations for companies, trusts, partnerships, unincorporated joint ventures offering the following services:

  • Transactions involving the acquisition or sale of businesses and/or assets
  • Succession planning
  • Dispute resolution
  • Debt and equity raisings
  • Group restructures
  • Divestments
  • Share buy-back schemes
  • Taxation and stamp duty

Offer Document

Our expert advisors can prepare prospectuses, offer information statements and information memorandums. Due to the legal obligations surrounding the security of the offerings to the market this tends to be a highly complex business service offering.

Azure Group’s expertise, combined with Alumni partnerships, ensures your business follows a methodical process in preparation of the appropriate offer.

Due Diligence

There is an ever increasing pressure on people to ensure sound investment decisions are made based on sophisticated and accurate information.

Due Diligence has become the most essential part of assisting clients make the right investment decisions, helping them to identify and manage the risks associated with the transaction.

Our approach involves an in-depth analysis of all information provided, looking beyond the numbers and assessing the whole business - from its people to its products and its service offerings. We will focus on the viability of purchasing the business, based on not only the financials, but on the proven success and/or failure of the business over time.

Sale of Business

Our expert advisors can assist you with the sale process of your business including:

  • Vendor best possible positioning 
  • Evaluating acquirer readiness
  • Strategies to maximise the sale of the business
  • Negotiating terms of sale
  • Ensuring all relevant taxation issues are managed effectively.

Business Acquisitions

Our expert advisors have hands on experience with negotiating strategic mergers and acquisitions. We support businesses by:

  • Managing the due diligence process
  • Handling the terms of acquisition
  • Tax Consulting expertise
  • Ensuring vendor readiness for acquiring a business.