Our experienced team can provide half-year and annual reporting expertise that complies with the latest International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

By outsourcing the financial reporting and advisory function of your business companies are less exposed to compliance risk and Directors are able to focus more on the performance of the company.

Complying with IFRS can be costly, complex and time consuming. Our proven technical expertise coupled with fixed fee arrangements ensures that your company will comply with current accounting standards without it becoming a huge financial burden on the business.

How we help

Through our Accounting & Assurance division Azure Group can:

  • Prepare IFRS compliant financial statements
  • Lodgement of all notices and financial reports by ASIC deadlines as well as NSX and ASX announcements where relevant
  • Provide independent technical advice to support transactions and accounting positions taken
  • Provide training and education for your team in understanding AIFRS requirements
  • Act as point of contact for all governing bodies in relation to submitted financial reports
  • Manage the financial reporting and if needed the auditing process for Australian subsidiaries of foreign companies
  • Provide financial reporting information for the Annual General Meeting, including all minutes and resolutions.

Our team are all highly experienced professionals who engage in regular technical training to remain up to date with all the current regulatory requirements of financial reporting and corporate governance obligations.