The role of the corporate secretary or company secretary is diverse and complex.

It involves a range of responsibilities including corporate governance, communicating with the board of directors, senior management and shareholders, ensuring compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements and much more.

The task of corporate governance can be particularly complex and there is increasing pressure for companies to be transparent and accountable so it plays an important role in any business. This is why we have setup our corporate secretarial services.

How we help

Azure Group can take on the role of corporate secretary for your organisation so you can concentrate on running your business. We are experienced in helping both public and private companies manage their compliance, corporate governance and secretarial responsibilities across a broad range of industries.

Our corporate secretarial services cover the all the responsibilities of a company secretary for both public and private companies as well as share register management and corporate governance.

Azure Group can also act and fulfill the responsibilities of resident director for overseas companies setting up operations in Australia.