As corporate taxation experts we understand the importance of engaging a tax team that is willing to gain an in-depth knowledge of your company.

Azure Group’s highly qualified taxation specialists will work with you in order to develop a thorough understanding of your organisation and its core tax issues. This will help to address risks, improve overall financial performance and create future opportunities.

Why engage Azure Group as your Corporate Tax partner?

We will provide you with practical tax solutions that best meet your corporate needs and taxation advice that is tailored to the environment in which you operate. We draw on extensive accounting and compliance experience to help you access, improve and monitor you tax function’s processes, controls and risk management.

Our tax team is experienced and knowledgeable in all areas of corporate taxation in Australia as well as managing Australian subsidiaries of overseas companies globally.

We will provide the necessary support to navigate the ever-changing Australian tax landscape as well as ensure your company complies with all the regulations imposed by the Australian Tax Office (ATO) and can act on your company’s behalf.

How we help

  • Manage the day-to-day BAS/IAS obligations of your company
  • Identification and communication of transactions or developments and potential tax exposure areas which arise during the preparation of accounting or tax returns
  • Coordinate and consult with banking, legal and investment advisors as needed
  • Meet with you on a monthly/quarterly basis to discuss applicable issues and review reports
  • Utilising the benefits offered by tax consolidation
  • Government Grant applications
  • Overall Tax compliance management
  • Taxation for not-for-profit organisations