Small and medium sized enterprises often have unique tax needs. Getting the key decisions right from the beginning can make a huge difference to your financial performance and asset security for years to come.

Azure Group is a specialist in managing the tax and compliance activities for small and medium sized businesses and our team has vast experience in providing specifically tailored tax solutions to entities across a wide range of industries from start-up to medium sized enterprise.

Our advisors are all highly trained and continually keep up-to-date with changes that affect the taxation rules of companies, trusts and joint ventures.

Your business structure should be tailored to meet your present requirements and be geared towards your future needs, including those you may not yet have contemplated. Whether running a business or securing the financial wellbeing of your family, our tax specialists have the knowledge and experience to ensure you are structured properly.

Azure Group will also use our knowledge to consider potential events that may threaten your assets’ security, as well as contemplate future expansion opportunities and divestment strategies.

How we help

  • 4 Tier Tax Approach
  • Restructuring advice and implementation
  • Managing the day-to-day BAS/IAS obligations of your company
  • Reviewing and applying applicable small business tax concessions for both income tax and capital gains tax
  • The preparation of monthly and year-to-date report of income and expenses as well as account for capital expenditures
  • Identification and communication of material tax planning considerations
  • Identification and communication of transactions or developments and potential tax exposure areas which arise during the preparation of accounting or tax returns
  • Prepare company, trusts, and individual income tax returns and calculate required estimated tax instalments
  • Coordinate and consult with banking, legal and investment advisors as appropriately needed
  • Strategic solutions to help SME business with growth via monthly/quarterly reporting and meetings to discuss applicable concerns, review reports, drive and implementing strategic plans and navigating SME issues.
  • International taxation and attending to cross border issues
  • Capital reconstructions
  • Employee share scheme matters
  • Alienation of personal services income matters 
  • Workers compensation reviews and audit management
  • Indirect tax reviews and audit management
  • Family Group succession and wealth management