Traditional financial planning has a range of shortcomings in comparison to a 'best interest' advice model.

Azure Group Wealth is uncompromising in delivering high quality outcomes for our Business Clients and Family Groups.

We integrate aspects of wealth management and financial planning in our Best Interest Advice Model to develop tailored big picture strategy and advice applying our experienced team’s specialised knowledge and skills.

What’s wrong with traditional Financial Planning?

The traditional Financial Planning process has often been described as being:

  • Limited in advice and heavily product focused
  • Remunerated by commission
  • Hidden or hard to understand product fees
  • Generalist in nature
  • Cookie cutter outcomes sometimes seen as not putting clients first

Why the Best Interest Advice Model works

In contrast our highly developed Best Advice Model is tailored to individual needs, family circumstances and is focused on developing innovative outcomes through the use of:

  • Big picture strategy
  • Experienced specialists
  • Innovative strategic thinking
  • Non influenced knowledge transfer
  • Problem solving and best fit solutions
  • Ethical accountable actions
  • Agreed professional fees

Azure Group Wealth is dedicated to becoming a leader in the delivery of tailored Best Interest Advice and needs based outcomes.