Project Solutions


By engaging with the best and most experienced people at critical stages you will succeed. Each individual within our Virtual CFO team boasts 25 years plus commercial business experience. We have not only run finance teams we have run business.

Business is constantly changing and offers varied challenges from startup to controlling a large scale enterprise. Each stage and type of business has unique experiences they are trying to manage and requires varied skill sets to support its needs. We bring together our combined experience and collaborate to ensure our clients succeed.

Azure Group works hands on to support our clients across numerous project solutions, including:

- Business performance analysis and strategic advice roles, including Independent Expert reporting on business issues and managing strategy days for Directors & Executives
- Building financial models and business analysis tools
- Building and implementing annual financial budgets and 3 way budgeting tools that cover cashflows, profit & loss and balance sheets
- Building and implementing monthly management & financial reports for business owners to understand and improve their businesses
- Implementing new finance systems, software systems and organizational processes within varied industry sectors
- Developing & implementing sales team models and incentive systems
- Developing & implementing organizational systems, structures, cultures and processes for business improvement and growth
- Supporting the business owner with operational improvements, such as supplier, customer and employee engagement and ongoing management tools for enhanced business performance

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