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Establishing your business footprint in a foreign country can present many challenges. Partnering with Azure Group takes the guesswork and risk out of doing business between Australia and China.

We do this through our exceptional team of technical experts who are armed with knowledge across Australia and China in accounting, compliance, and personal wealth. Whether you’re a Chinese local business looking to expand abroad, an expat ready to repatriate, or an international business keen to take on the Chinese market – Azure Group can provide a tailored service to meet your complex needs.

going go china

Starting a business in China is difficult and requires local experience in order to establish operations properly and successfully. Our Shanghai office has a depth of experience in assisting businesses with their set-up of business in China.
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australian expats & chinese migrants

More often than not the inevitable reality for Australian expatriates in China (and around the globe) is that the time will come when you need to return home. When it comes to managing your finances and assets across borders, it’s not a case of ‘out of sight out of mind’. 
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Shanghai Serviced Office

Azure Group works with many government investment offices in China especially the Yangtze Delta Region, well known international and local serviced office providers. We can assess your specific needs and help you shortlist the office location you want. 
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