China Human Resources Services


We are well aware that your business is only as good as your team and so your hiring and HR strategy is a vital part of running your business in China. 

Finding your way around local intricacies can be a challenge, so the Azure Group team can offer the support you need to secure the best talent available on the ground. 

How we can help:

- Help you create and implement local HR policy to meet company goals as well as complying with local labor laws
- Recruitment assistance 

- resume/CV screening 
- interviewing and shortlisting potential candidates 
- preparing Salary package calculation 
- preparing local labor contract

- Help you establish effective staff performance review system
- Payroll System Set Up
- Employer Social Security Payment (SSP) account Set Up
- Handling monthly payroll and SSP contribution
- Staff Termination Assistance
- Help you attend to matters from local labor bureau
- Expat working visa assistance