International Expansion


Taking your business to the global stage doesn't have to be as daunting as it seems. With a smart tax strategy and trusted connections, international expansion can happen sooner than you think.

Our tax specialists are focused on advising our Australian clients with overseas business and investment interests and have extensive experience in coordinating international tax advice with advisers in other jurisdictions.

Our goal is to assist you in optimising the tax rate of your Australian sourced profits at the ultimate parent company level. This is only achievable by adopting a holistic view of the tax system of both Australian and the parent company’s home country. An overseas business typically requires the Advisory and Structuring expertise of our team at a number of different stages.

At each stage we draw upon our expertise in:

- Double Tax Agreements between Australia and overseas jurisdictions
Transfer pricing
Thin capitalisation
- Withholding tax
- Source of income
- Residency for tax purposes
- Goods & Services Tax (VAT)
- Stamp duty
- Payroll Tax

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