We UNDERSTAND the significance Tax plays on our client's wealth and place an enormous emphasis on Tax Planning to manage their overall tax position.



Partner with the industry leaders in strategic tax structuring and minimisation. Our tier of highly qualified tax accountants are fully trained to support your complex tax and accounting needs and add significant value to your business.

Whether you are at Ideation stage, a Family Group or are a Global Corporate Enterprise, Azure Group is dedicated to reviewing and maximising your tax position.

We UNDERSTAND the significance tax plays on our client's wealth and place an enormous emphasis on tax planning to manage their overall position.

Our proven methodologies, technical tax knowledge and unwavering commitment to quality service help you build strong compliance and reporting foundations and sustainable tax strategies that will help your business realise its potential. We pride ourselves on providing timely and accurate information that aims to streamline compliance issues and add value.

Our team of highly qualified accountants, tax experts and financial advisors are trained to support your taxation compliance and advisory needs whilst adding significant value to your business.


Tax Complimentary Review

Building trust, respect and knowledge is core to our long term success.  Our Tax Complimentary review process allows us to gain an insight into your tax arrangements allowing our team to design the best engagement outcome.
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4-Tier Tax Approach

Our 4-Tier Tax Approach is a proven methodology involving tax structuring, tax planning, year end reconciliations and compliance management.  
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Tax Risk Management

Our tax experts place an enormous emphasis on protecting our clients from tax risk and work proactively to identify and mitigate risks before they arise.     
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Tax Advisory & Consulting

Whether you are at Ideation stage, completing a transaction event, considering global expansion, or changing your business or personal structure our experts play an active role in advising on the tax consequences.
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Corporate Tax

Our team are highly qualified to handle both domestic & international tax requirements. We place an emphasis on building trusted relationships with our corporate clients to ensure they are kept abreast of changes in legislation that may affect their tax position.    
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SMB Business Tax

Small and medium sized enterprises often have unique tax needs. Getting the key decisions right from the beginning can make a huge difference to your business performance long term.
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Fringe benefits tax (FBT)

Apart from giving general advice on the impact and amount of FBT you may be required to pay we can assist your business with the preparation, review and lodgement of FBT returns.
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Tax Concession

Azure Group’s tax advisor specialists are experts in understanding small-medium enterprise tax concessions and relief.

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R&D Tax Incentive

Azure Group have a 100% success rate in securing government funding, with a particular focus on Research and Development Grants (R&D Grants).
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We deliver Export Market Development Grant "("EMDG") services to our clients who are expanding overseas in an efficient, pro-active and cost effective manner to enable them to continue building their exports. 

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Tax Effect Accounting

If your business is a reporting entity, we can help you face a number of unique challenges when preparing tax effect accounting to comply with AASB 112.  
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Employee Share Schemes

Each client is unique when it comes to motivating and rewarding its key staff. Our team of experts work closely with our clients to create an Employee Share Scheme that matches their business.
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Transfer Pricing

As tax rates differ between countries, there is a natural tendency for some businesses to allocate more profits in lower tax jurisdictions. We can help support and manage transfer pricing for your business.

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Thin Capitalisation

Azure Group's International tax specialists can help assess whether thin capitalisation is applicable to your business and plan around maximum allowable debt amounts.

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Indirect Tax

If faced with an audit, Azure Group can assist you with a variety of commercial and personal related transactions at both a State and Federal level. 
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