Export Market Development Grant (EMDG)


We deliver Export Market Development Grant ("EMDG Grant") services to our clients in an efficient, pro-active and cost effective manner.

If you are a business owner creating products or services in Australia before exporting them overseas, or applying a significant process to your imported products in Australia before exporting your business might be eligible for a government grant.

We can help you with EMDG Grant:

- Undertake a session with you to discuss your EMDG Claim including the eligibility criteria and record keeping requirements
- Assist with the review of contemporaneous documentation and collation of the Audit file
- Review transactions and assist with collation / computation of the EMDG inclusions
- Inform you and assist in the preparation and/or review of issues that typically arise
- Assist with the application form and Expenditure Schedules.
- Attend meetings with Austrade to assist with the audit process

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