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Tech Startups


Our dedicated team of Tech Startup Accountants are inspired by tech entrepreneurs just like you and passionate about growing your business with our Innovative Accounting Services 

Azure Group offers specialised accounting and advisory services for tech startups, driving organisations like yours to greater success. The challenge of seeing you succeed is what drives us to work harder, think smarter and be at the forefront of our industry.  

Our ability to combine tax expertise with commercial acumen, in addition to our direct connections within the tech startup community, enables us to offer an expert advisory services and implement proven strategies to add value to your business.

Our client portfolio includes:

  • Online web entities
  • Software developers
  • Digital production agencies
  • Gaming
  • Apps
  • Social media
  • Fintech
  • Creative businesses

Accounting Services for Tech Startups

With extensive knowledge of the tech industry, our team is able to offer a range of accounting services tailored specifically for high-tech startups and emerging growth businesses, including: 

Business Accounting

Our business accounting solutions offer a consistent and reliable system for reporting your financial performance, helping you track your progress towards your financial goals and grow your business well into the future. 

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Whether you are a startup, acquiring or selling a business, considering international expansion, or restructuring, our experienced tax specialists can offer you expert tax compliance and advisory services to suit the needs of your business. 
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R&D Tax Incentive

As champions of the high-tech and emerging growth business, Azure Group has a 100% success rate in securing government grants, with a particular focus on helping businesses access the Research and Development Tax Incentive (RDTI). 
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If you are a business owner creating products or services in Australia, we can assist in determining if your business might be eligible for the Export Market Development Grant (EMDG), before you begin exporting goods overseas. 

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Employee Share Schemes

Our team of experts work closely with our clients to create well balanced Employee Share schemes (ESS) that reward and motivate your staff. 

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capital raising

We have built significant IP advising some of Australia’s most progressive high-tech and emerging growth companies in a range of tech-based niches. 
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Azure Group’s team of talented advisors have considerable experience in undertaking business valuations for companies, trusts, partnerships and unincorporated joint ventures. 

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international expansion

Taking your tech business to the global stage doesn't have to be daunting. With a smart tax strategy and trusted global connections, we can fast track your international expansion. 

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The importance of Accounting Services for Tech Startups 

Accounting plays a crucial role in the success of tech startups. Here's why: 

  • Financial Compliance: As a local or international tech startup, it's essential to comply with Australian accounting regulations and standards. Our tech startup accountants ensure your financial practices adhere to the necessary requirements, no matter where you operate. 
  • Investor Confidence: Investors are more likely to support startups with accurate and transparent financial records. Our accounting services help build trust and confidence among potential investors, increasing your chances of securing funding. 
  • Strategic Decision-Making: Reliable financial data is vital for making informed business decisions. Our tech startup accountants provide accurate financial analysis, enabling you to identify areas for improvement, and make growth oriented strategic choices. 
  • Tax Planning: Effective tax planning is crucial for startups to minimise tax liabilities. Our experienced accountants help you navigate the complexities of tax regulations, identify tax-saving opportunities, and ensure your startup's tax position is optimised. 

Partner with Azure Group – Champions of the Tech Industry and Innovative Business 

When you partner with Azure Group for your tech startup accounting needs, you can expect: 

Specialised Expertise

Our tech startup specialists have extensive experience working within the tech industry, and a deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities a tech startup may encounter.  

Tailored Solutions

We provide customised accounting solutions that align with your tech startup's specific needs, ensuring you receive the support that suits your business requirements. 

Accurate Reporting

Our accountants deliver timely and accurate financial reports, giving you the information you need to make informed decisions promptly. 

Strategic Insights

We offer valuable insights and recommendations based on thorough financial analysis, helping you optimise your financial strategies and drive growth. 


By outsourcing your accounting functions to our experienced team of tech specialists, you can concentrate on developing innovative products, attracting investors, and scaling your tech startup. 

Take your tech startup's financial management to the next level with Azure Group. Contact us today to learn how we can contribute to your financial success. 


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