Financial models are developed by our team of highly experienced Corporate Advisors and Virtual CFO’s who have strong commercial backgrounds and the necessary skill to understand the financial intricacies of a business and construct workable and valuable financial models.

A financial model represents the present and future financial position of an entity and is critical in providing vital information to ensure you make the right decisions.

Our team of professionals have developed a highly sophisticated financial modelling system that can be modified and scripted to suit your business complexities.

We have provided financial modelling services to numerous corporate clients both public and private, across a range of industries and sectors.

How our financial models can be used

Our models have been designed to support decision-making typically utilised for:

  • Capital raising
  • Accompanying a strategic business plan
  • Complementing an information memorandum, offer information statement or prospectus
  • Business valuations
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Refinancing alternatives
  • Business case development, including project analysis
  • Sales firms requiring complex spreadsheets for its various divisions. Our experienced corporate advisors will undertake a financial modelling process based on your unique business requirements to ensure:
  • Specific realities of your business and/or project are provided for
  • The model adequately and efficiently caters for scenario and sensitivity analysis, and is adaptable for your team to use on a daily basis
  • Data integrity remains intact.