Azure Group's proven tax methodology involves structuring, planning, reconciliations and compliance management.

Azure Group has developed and implemented the “4-tiered tax Approach”, a proven methodology involving structuring, planning, reconciliations and compliance management.

We know that by closely monitoring your business and tax affairs on a regular basis we are capable of identifying gaps, creating opportunities, eliminating errors and changing objectives to deliver more value than other accounting firms.

Our process provides cost and tax structure management as well as tax and indirect tax compliance. It also allows us to review business process and procedures for efficiency and ensure best practice guidance relating to the business’ current position and future direction.

Azure Group will always take a proactive approach to your tax structure. We will consider your broader business objectives at all times.

How we implement our 4 - Tiered Tax Approach

TIER 1: Engagement of Client & Group Structuring

Azure Group adopts a holistic view when analysing your tax affairs across all your entities and group right down to your individual tax position. Often minimising your individual tax is not the best strategy when considering your broader tax objectives and the tax liabilities in your company or other entities.

Azure Group will analyse your tax across multiple financial years not just the current year to make recommendations on your structure. Often we may suggest paying higher taxes in the current year to alleviate higher tax burdens in future years – it is smart tax management.

TIER 2: Tax Planning each Financial Year

On an annual basis, Azure Group will manage your tax position before the financial year is over to ensure that you can implement agreed strategies before 30 June and that you have a clear understanding of your taxation obligations.

TIER 3: Tax Reconciliation and Information Gathering after Year End

We adopt a commercial approach to managing our client’s tax compliance because we recognise it is more efficient to gather and reconcile your accounting information earlier rather than later. After year-end we will work with your team to collate and prepare tax files and ensure we have collected all relevant information in order to streamline the preparation and lodgement of your affairs.

TIER 4: Tax Return Preparation and Lodgment

Azure Group will prepare and lodge all your tax returns via our paperless cloud-based tax compliance systems. Through our planning process we will discuss and agree a lodgment month with you so that you can forward plan for any liabilities that will be due and payable.