As champions of the hi-tech and emerging growth business, Azure Group have a 100% success rate in securing government funding, with a particular focus on Research & Development Grants (“R&D”).

Our R&D expert team partner with a strong network of highly skilled professionals to provide strategic planning, preparation and lodgement of your R&D.

We can help you

  • Consider your eligibility for government funding and make recommendations on how you can gain access to funding
  • Review Record Keeping & Compliance Issues
  • Review Eligible R&D Expenditure

Eligible Applicants

To be an eligible Applicant you must be an ‘R&D entity’ not exempt from income tax, this means they must be either:

  • A corporation that is an Australian resident (company incorporated under an Australian law); or
  • A body corporate acting as trustee of a public trading trust; or
  • A foreign corporation (body corporate incorporated under a foreign law) that is a resident of:
    • Australia for income purposes; or
    • A country with which Australia has a double tax agreement and carries on a permanent business through a permanent establishment in Australia